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Lux Lighting-Fluorescent LED lights

Lux Lighting-Fluorescent LED lights

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With just a simple fix your room will look one thousand times better! 

With an option of 1,5,10 meters, you can customize your room to your desires. You can pick any colors of your wish with an easy click of a button from the controller or even your phone with the Bluetooth option.  

Building your dream room might only need a few LED strips.  

Creates a more relaxing ambiance. 

Many hate having a bright ceiling light above their head, so rather than having to be blinded by the unpleasing shine, you would rather have something that matches what you are feeling. Being allowed to choose the color you want and change the lights to suit your emotions.  

Eliminates stress.  

Sometimes after a long day at work or even at school, you just want to sit in your room while no one bothers you. Having LED lights can help you release some of your stress with a dimmed colorful light around your room.  


Easy to set up. 

Being able to stick the strips on anything and anywhere. It allows you to be as creative and open-minded as you possibly can. Easy installation is something everyone likes; this product gives you this easy installation benefit.  

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